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1.         Q.          What formalities are required to be taken to visit  Lakshadweep. ?

A.                  A.          Should obtain an entry permit prescribed under the LM&A (Restriction of

                                entry and residence) Rule 1967.  

      2.         Q.           What is the validity period of the entry permit ?

            A.           5 months.

3.         Q.           How to get  the entry permit renewed ?

A.                                          A.          For renewal submit fresh application in form No.II through the nearest

                                      Registration Officer at least 15 days in advance of the date on which the

                                      permit is due to expire, or the date with effect from which such

                                      endorsement is required.

4.         Q.           How many times a permit can be renewed ?

A.                                          A.                      Twice only.

5.         Q.           What are the documents required for renewal ?

A.                                          A.                      It shall be accompanied by the permit in respect of which the application

                                       is made.

6.         Q.           What  has the permit holder to do on arrival in the island?

                        A.           The holder of permit shall as soon as possible in any case within 

                           24 hours after his arrival report with his permit to the nearest Registration

                          Officer (Station House Officer)

7.         Q.           What is to be done  when a permit is lost or destroy ?  

            A.                       The permit holder shall forthwith report the fact to the Competent Authority

                           and the nearest Registration Officer and has to explain the

                                       circumstances under which it is lost / destroy.

            8.         Q.            What the formalities are required to be taken to visit Lakshadweep as a

                           tourist ?                         

            A.           A tourist intending visit Lakshadweep should obtain a prior permit  

                           exemption order   for which he should apply in the prescribed form

                           to  the Secretary to the Administrator, Lakshadweep Office, Willington

                           island, Kochi-3.  He should carry the said order while visiting the islands 

                           and  surrender it to  Secretary to the Administrator, Kochi on return

                           from tour.

9.         Q.           What the penalty is prescribed for  violation of Entry permit rules?

            A.           Who ever contravenes any provision of entry permit rules shall be

                           punishable with imprisonment which may extend to one month or with

                           fine which may extent to one thousand rupees, or with both.

10.        Q.          What are the prohibited acts as per the Lakshadweep Prohibition


            A.           As per the section 3 of the Regulation, import, export, transportation ,

                           possession and, manufacture of liquor or any intoxicating drug is

                           prohibited in all the Island consumption is also prohibited  .  However

                           being an international tourist center, Bangaram is exempted 

11.       Q.           Whether the offences  under the regulation are cognizable or non


            A.           All the offence under the Regulation are cognizable. 

12.       Q.          What is the punishment prescribed for  violation of provisions ?

            A.          The offender shall be punished with imprisonment for a term, which may

                          extend to one year or with fine, which may extend to two thousand

                           rupees or with both.                          

13.       Q.          What type of territory is Lakshadweep?

            A.          It is a very calm peaceful and un polluted place  in the country.

14.       Q.          How is   Police-Public relations maintained in the islands?

            A.          Very cordial and friendly.