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Statutory Provisions


The main  objectives are :-

  1. Provide security to life and property of the citizens of the Union Territory.


  1. Maintain Law and Order.
  2. Prevention and detection of crimes.
  3. Verification of character and antecedents of the Passport/job applicants.
  4. Provide un interrupted communication between the islands and Headquarters.
  5. Assist public under any exigency.
  6. Provide security to the VIP visiting/staying in the islands.
  7. Check and contain the activities of undesirable elements.

Facilities extended to the public

  1. Lodging of criminal complaints.
  2. Passport Cell for issue of International Passport (at H.Q. island Kavaratti only).
  3. Issue of entry permit to mainlanders sponsored by the islanders and U. T. of Lakshadweep Administration.
  4. Assistance in ships plying between mainland and islands.
  5. Assistance to fisherman visiting Suheli island.